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7950 S. Lincoln St.
Suite 115
Littleton, Co 80122
Office : 303-795-7299
Cell :303-587-9299
Fax : 303-904-4685
Toll Free: 1-877-795-7299


Customer Testimonials

“Our accounting costs have dropped dramatically—by about 53%!! DBH Enterprises enabled us to handle all aspects of monthly accounting in-house (e.g., data input, quarterly taxes, etc…). In fact, we have eliminated the need for an outside accountant on a monthly basis.”
—Suzanne Moore, Office Manager-Black & White Auto
A DBH Enterprises Customer Since 1997

“DBH Enterprises helped us increase net profits by 8%-10%. Their keen insight into the auto body business—and knowledge of the Mitchell System and the bridge to the accounting side—made an immediate impact on our profitability.”
—Adrienne Pietrafeso, VP-J.M. Auto Services
A DBH Enterprises Customer Since 1998

“On a scale of 1-10, DBH Enterprises is definitely a “10”. I had no accounting background, and DBH Enterprises has done an excellent job of training and supporting Business Works throughout the 4 years we have done business with them. A truly great company!!
—Sharon Colaiannia, Bookkeeper-L&H Auto Body, Inc.
A DBH Enterprises Customer Since 1998

“I would definitely recommend DBH Enterprises to other businesses. They possess a well-rounded knowledge of accounting, computers, and software as they relate to individual small businesses. We have been very happy with their services”.
—Roxy Daley, Manager-Commercial Sanitary Labs
A DBH Enterprises Customer Since 1998

DBH Enterprises has helped us utilize our software to its fullest potential. We are much better able use reports with Business Works, and spent less time “looking around” for answers. DBH is always available to help us, and knows just where in the software to go find what we need. They’re definitely a “10”. “I’d recommend them to anyone”.
—Cindy Widgery, Bookkeeper-Sky Systems
A DBH Enterprises Customer Since 1999

Thanks to DBH Enterprises, we were able to (painlessly) go back to Business Works from QuickBooks. Their personal attention and prompt response to our inquiries for “help” were tremendous. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a good accounting software rep with excellent services and support. Definitely a “10”.
—Diana Jean Bartley, Controller-Bull Durham Saloon & Casino
A DBH Enterprises Customer Since 2003

DBH Enterprises is a definite recommend—they have never failed us. All of our phone calls are answered and problems solved in a prompt and friendly manner.
—Mark O’Donnell, Owner-Homeowners Insulation, Inc.
A DBH Enterprises Customer Since 1991

DBH Enterprises is a “10” they always show up at a moments notice. Everything about their service is great. They are one of the few that I am comfortable relying on.
--Mark Heinritz, Owner-The Sink
A DBH Enterprises Customer Since 1991
















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