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What services do we actually offer you
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Accounting Software Solutions:

1) We offer a FREE needs analysis of your business accounting software and we don’t stop there.  We offer recommendations for additional software and hardware if needed in order to help make your company and employees more productive and profitable.

2) We offer FREE ON-SITE DEMONSTRATIONS of the accounting software packages we resell and support. This FREE on-site demonstration gives us the opportunity to meet the key players in your company and find out first hand how your company works and determine the specific needs of your company that we can help fulfill.

3) We offer AFTER THE SALE implementation and training as well as conversion of your current data into the new accounting software product. We have extensive experience in working with several accounting packages to retrieve the Customers, Vendors, Inventory Parts lists, etc. in order to import them into the new product. This saves time in the implementation process. Our Training techniques are hands on – your hands – not ours. We feel that only when you are at the keyboard do you actually learn. This technique has worked extremely well for us and we don’t plan to change it now.

4) We offer ONGOING SUPPORT through maintenance plans provided by the manufacturer of the software you choose as well as personal technical support. Because you work at all hours, we work at all hours and are available via our cellular phone service. You can reach us anytime – day or night – weekends, etc.

5) We offer CUSTOM REPORT WRITING using Crystal Reports. Crystal can be used with some of the packages we resell to create special reports --including subreports-- that are not available in the out of the box reports. Additionally, we train our clients to create special custom reports using the custom exports and ODBC report setups available in their packages. Finally, if you choose a package that limits your print option to EXCEL then we review your knowledge of the EXCEL features that will allow you to succeed in your custom reports there.

Our clients depend on us from the first step of the process to the last and then some. We keep our clients for life because they are the most important people to us. We have the reputation for service.

Additional services include:

Bookkeeping - DBH Enterprises provides bookkeeping services to small and medium businesses.  We provide our customers with quality work that enables them to concentrate on their core business instead of being weighed down by paper work.  Our services include, but are not limited to:

1. Accounts Payable and check writing
2. Bank Reconciliation
3. Payroll Services
4. Financial Statements

Industry Specific knowledge - After being in the consulting business for 20+ years, a company often finds themselves investing time specific business types not withstanding all the other opportunities that come their way.  This has happened to D.B.H. Enterprises as you might expect.  We have become extremely well versed in the Auto Body Repair industry software business. We understand and have extensive experience with the Mitchell’s ABS Shop Man system and have recently installed the new 7.3 version for Windows 2000 server as well.  We are also aware of the ADP Stellex Repair Order Management System Software product and have worked with it in combination with the Business Works Accounting Software package. We understand the need to departmentalize your Profit & Loss Statement to determine percentages by Domestic parts vs. Foreign Parts and OEM Parts, Body Labor vs. Refinish Labor vs. Frame Labor, etc.   We know that each of these profit centers plays a vital part in your shops overall health. If one fails to live up to its potential then the whole shop is not healthy. Our job is to keep your shop healthy with the correct Accounting Software, up to date payroll information, and the best support you can find. You will note that several of the client testimonials come from Body Shops as we have many to choose from that are happy with our work.

Business Forms - DBH Enterprises is an authorized Delforms distributor and offers clients custom business forms including:

  • Laser Checks & Forms

  • Manual Checks & Forms

  • Purchase orders and invoices

  • Envelopes

  • Tax forms & more





















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